Reatining walls

The DURAWALL concrete retaining wall is an engineer designed system consisting of Concrete Sleepers and Galvanised Steel Posts used for retaining walls up to 4.0m high. The design life is 60 Years.


Durawall sleepers come in 2 lengths 1480mm and 1980mm. All sleepers are 200mm high and 75mm or 83mm thick depending on design.  Section lengths are therefore 1.5m or 2.0m post centres.

The DURAWALL sleepers are manufactured from 40 mpa concrete. The sleepers contain 12mm Australian steel reo and can be ordered with gal reo for coastal areas.


All posts are galvanised to Australian Standard. Durawall uses UC100 14.8 kg/m for walls up to 1.6m high and then UB200 18.2 kg/m for walls to 3.0m high. UC200 46 kg/m for retaining walls to 4.0m high.


We use a premium full depth coloured concrete CCS powdered pigment to ensure the oxide colour is dispersed deep into the concrete, giving you a natural looking colour that is both UV and weather resistant. Enjoy the maintenance free advantage of our product. Call to discuss colour options.

Sleepers can also be painted giving a long term and beautiful effect.


For locations within 1km of the ocean, DURAWALL recommends the use of our hot dipped gal steel reo sleepers.

Durawall’s Concrete Sleeper Retaining walls Specification:-

  • Engineer designed to last 60 years
  • Heights from 0.2m to 4.0 metres high
  • Sleeper and steel packages available
  • Designs and colours available
Durawall’s concrete sleepers are manufactured to exact dimension, this ensures each sleeper is exactly the same, giving you a more uniform look on every project.