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Enjoy your landscaped garden

Every time you go to the nursery and bring home a box of plants or beautiful flowers, you’re engaging in landscape design – either intentionally or unintentionally. Many yards wind up looking unbalanced because of poor planning, and people have to spend a lot of time on maintenance or removing plants altogether.

Spend more time enjoying a beautiful yard by keeping these design tips in mind.


Landscaping and its design is really about how you and your family want to use your outdoor space. Consider how you want to use the garden. Do you have young children who want run around and play? Do you want a relaxing environment where the  layout is therapeutic? Are you looking to grow vegetables or create a contemporary arena for entertaining. All of these questions are worth considering before you plant anything.

To stand the test of time you should plan and build foundations which will provide the basic structure.  Starting trees and shrubs that provides the basic structure and then planning the overall look and feel you intend.

Our top tip is to spend time in your garden and work out what features you need. Who will use the garden and will it stand the test of time when everything has matured.

Your garden can become an extension of your living space so easily. Design and planning for an important role for any landscaped space. If you need help with any process of your landscaping, please feel free to call us or drop us a line from our contact page. We’ll be delighted to talk to you.